About Morgane

Morgane is a Certified Executive & Career Coach, specializing in purpose discovery and career transformation.


On a mission to unlock emotional intelligence in her clients, she focuses on developing self-awareness and understanding emotions that influence our behaviors and decisions. This is the first step to realize our true creativity, communicate more effectively, and inspire positive relationship changes.

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Corporate Experience

With 10 years of considerable experience and a successful international corporate career, Morgane has travelled the world and lived in five countries. She has worked across cultures in diverse industries such as flavors & fragrances, cosmetics, oil & gas, and transportation. Prior becoming a professional coach, she gained experience in leading multi-cultural teams and projects, managing change across organizations, and mentoring her collaborators.

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Coaching Experience

Her coaching journey started in Singapore with Executive Coach International in the summer of 2018 and Collective Change Institute in the summer 2019, two ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredited coach training programs which adhere to the gold standards of ethics, competencies, and delivery. 

From her two years of experience, Morgane brings over 140 hours of coaching into her work with individuals. She helped more than 50 clients to understand their inner drivers, uncover their blind spots and develop their “growth mindset.”As a result of her partnership, they leveraged their strengths, became bolder, and explored new career paths. Focusing on their purpose has enabled them to bring meaning back to their lives, build new relationships, and live with hope.

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Coaching Approach

As a coach, Morgane is best known for her authentic, positive, open, non-judgmental and goal-oriented style. Passionate about people and their unique stories, she loves to connect with others and engage in meaningful conversations.


As a strong believer in the power of coaching in our complex and demanding world, she founded her own business to stimulate deep thinking, enhance personal growth, and bring more empathy and honesty to our usual tête-à-tête.

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Education & Qualifications

  • ICF Certified Coach, ACC

  • Executive Coach International Certified Coach

  • Collective Change Certified Coach

  • PROSCI Certification in Change Management

  • Master Degree in International Business, Paris Dauphine University

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