What do they say?

Clients' testimonials

"I had numerous opportunities to be coached by Morgane. I like her pleasant and sincere coaching style. 
Morgane uses simple yet challenging questions that prompt me to think deeper about my issues. She would gently push you outside the boundary of your issue to explore different perspectives. I gained a clearer understanding of myself and my issues as a result of these coaching sessions with her. I would definitely recommend Morgane as a coach."

Aileen Chee, HR & Business Consultant

"Morgane is a very attentive listener and an open-minded coach. Over the past 3 months, she has provided me with a safe space to speak, think deeper and share about my feelings.

I really appreciated the great tools and inspiring resources such as books or insightful TEDTalks she shared with me. She kept our sessions structured and even remembered some of the things that I said a few weeks ago. At the same time, she left room for spontaneity in our conversations.

One of the best things I got from our work together was what I discovered about my behaviours and beliefs. As a coach, Morgane was always very supportive and encouraging. She helped to clarify my ambitions and goals.

Thanks to her coaching sessions, I have been successful in setting professional goals and deadlines for myself while gaining a better understanding of the person that I am."

Elena Zhikhareva, Business Developer

“I had the pleasure of working with Morgane with her as my coach in the CCI professional coaching programme. What I most appreciate about Morgane, is her authenticity which makes it easy for anyone to open up to her. This I feel, is a very important quality in a coach.

In the course of working with Morgane, I could see that she is also immensely dedicated to honing her coaching skills, and I have no doubt that she will do very well as a professional coach. I wish Morgane all my very best!”

Seo Lay Wee, Qualitative Researcher

“If you’re looking for a coach who is patient, considerate and understanding, Morgane will definitely make a great choice. I have been coached multiple times by her and her sessions always felt wonderful as she was patient with me. I feel fully comfortable with her and her eyes always made me feel understood which helped a lot in my emoting. She has helped me to know and understand myself on a deeper level. She has also helped me to find my focus whenever I felt overwhelmed.
Thank you, Morgane, for being my quiet yet powerful cheerleader who always stood by me. I have always felt you cheering me on when the going got tough and for that, I’m very thankful to you.  I am happy to have met her during our coaching journey and will definitely continue finding her as my coach in the future.”

Charissa Chew, Human Resources Specialist